Here’s what some of our students & parents have to say about training with us.

    We appreciate Mr. John Neese so much for being such a great teacher. My daughter had an easy transition when she moved from a different state. Mr. Neese was so accommodating and so easy to work with to get to the right start from day one. Thank you!

    Vinutha A.

    I highly recommend Y.T. Tang Soo Do for anyone looking to learn the art of Tang Soo Do,especially for parents who want to instill discipline and positive values in raising kids. My 2 kids have been here more than eight years. Both kids has helped with their self-discipline and following with things. They doesn’t lack in confidence and received has mostly been with respect towards to others with themself. There are awards and honors for all levels of achievement and individual needs are taken into account. Teacher and parents input is actively sought and utilized.

    Dan Y.

    My kids and I are so delighted to be part of Y. T. Tang Soo Do. Mr. John Neese is so friendly with all the students and makes best use of class time to ensure everyone gets the right kind of training and practice. This studio is always accepting of everyone of all ages and races. I highly recommend joining because I have had an amazing experience and love the cheerful atmosphere there!

    Santosh U.

    Our boys started at a very young age and when they left to go onto college, they had their black belts, teaching experience, and came away with skill, agility, and confidence. In fact these traits appeared early on, so they rarely had physical altercations throughout school. Partly as a result of regional participation; the style, instructors, and advanced students have continued to be exceptional throughout our association with Y.T. Tang Soo Do.

    Andrew K.

    I recommend Y.T. Tang Soo Do as a great martial arts school. The students that train there are always well mannered and respectful.

    John C.

    My son has been coming to this studio for close to 5 years. Great prices, smaller classes and experienced black belts.

    Lisa J.

    Great school. Mr. John Neese is a very experienced instructor. He teaches with humor and cares a great deal about his students. The camaraderie is great as well. Students span a large range of ages which is awesome!

    Stephanie A.