All members of the teaching staff are Certified Instructors of Tang Soo Do and are holders of Black Belts granted by the World Tang Soo Do Association, under the leadership of our founder Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, 9th Dan, and our current Grandmaster William Strong, 9th Dan. 

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Our staff of Black Belt instructors and their assistants are here to guide you toward greater self-discipline and confidence as you improve your flexibility, balance, and overall coordination. Our program gradually helps you to improve your fitness and better knowledge of self-defense.

  • Mr. John M. Neese

    John is an Internationally Certified Black Belt Instructor of the World Tang Soo Do Association. He has been teaching in the studio for over 30 years. Both kids and adults love taking classes with him.

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  • Mr. Sean Jiang

    Mr. Sean is the assistant instructor and has been developing his craft since he was 7 years old. Our students love working with him in class.

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