Regional Events

In addition to the Beginner and Advanced level training, Y.T. Tang Soo Do is connected to other studios in our WTSDA family to provide competitions, clinics, seminars, camps, at other studios, and event places in major cities in throughout Texas and the USA.

Why We Attend Regional Events

Black Belt testing is done at the Region level and judged by Masters who are 4th degree and above in the spring and the fall.  All these events bring our family of Tang Soo Do practitioners together to further the bond of friendship and brotherhood. It also allows us to learn from each other and be taught by Masters.  Joining Y.T. Tang Soo Do not only provides classes for Beginners and Advanced but also opportunities beyond our studio to grow and discover more on your Tang Soo Do journey.

Region 4 Events Schedule

Click Here for our calendar for the year of events in Region 4.